August: Antoine sets up cw EPR in continuous flow. Niti wins the internal putting championship just one ahead Roxane! Roxane finished her project - thank you for all the hard work.

July: Katrin and Bela meet alumna Angeliki in Athens. A spell of warm weather makes the long St Andrews evenings even more pleasant.

June: Sonia graduates with a PhD and former project students Lewis McLean and Adam Chapman with MChem degrees. Well done everyone.
The CMR hosts the 9th annual conference. Maria gives an invited talk and Josh wins the poster prize - well done!
Dr Ilya Kuprov gives a great satellite workshop on simulating the whole of magnetic resonance.
Josh's and Katrin's work on submicromolar RIDME and Cu-labelling of dHis motifs is accepted by Angewandte. Congratulations!

May: Adam finishes his project. Many thanks for your efforts and all the best.
Roman Bittl joins the Bode and Smith (Physics and Astronomy) groups for a 3 week work experience.
Roxane Baron joins us from ENSC Lille for a 3 month Erasmus placement. Welcome Roxane.
A Leverhulme Trust funded research project investigating unexpected sensitivity gains in PELDOR on multimeric membrane channels in collaboration with Christos Pliotas (now in Leeds) starts this month.

April: Maria and Bela join the 52nd RSC ESR meeting in Glasgow with a poster and a talk. Congratulations to our collaborator Claire Motion for winning the Bruker Thesis Prize and former group member Sonia Chabbra for winning the runner-up prize of the Jeol Student Lecture Competition.
Antoine joins the Bode and Watson groups for his PhD within the CRITICAT CDT Program – welcome!

March: Adam successfully introduces his project on Cu-oximes in the Honours Project Talks.
Our collaborator Haris from the Pliotas group talks about PELDOR on mechanosensors in the Friday Lunchtime Talks.

February: Cryogenics upgrade - our new cryogen-free cryostat is installed and tested.

January: Happy New Year!
Sonia passes her viva. Many congratulations Dr Chabbra.

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