A suprising CRISPR study by Gregor Hagelueken and Christophe Rouillon is published in Nature: Antiviral signaling by a cyclic nucleotide activated CRISPR protease. Katrin's data ruled out a hypothesised dimer formation in the mechanism.

October: A new paper by René Boeré in collaboration with the Woollins group has just been accepted for publication in NJC. The paper is on investigating redox behaviour in naphthalene derivatives and also contains some of our EPR work.

Katrin spends one week in the labs of Olav Schiemann and Katrin Paeschke in Bonn to learn transfecting human cells with labelled protein.

September: Josh moves to a new PostDoc – Thank you Josh for all your contributions, and all the best for your new job!

Kirsty joins the group for her master’s project on protein structure prediction using deep learning neural network tools.

Laura submits her PhD thesis – congrats Laura, well done!

August: Our latest paper on buffer-modulated cooperativity of templated protein dimerisation has been accepted by JPCL - well done everyone!

Steen from the Stergios Piligkos lab in Copenhagen joins us for a week to do some single crystal pulse EPR - welcome Steen!

July: Our paper on Pulse dipolar EPR for determining nanomolar binding affinities has been accepted by Chem. Commun.

Bela talks at the Euromar conference in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Tobias Hett from the Schiemann group in Bonn joins us for a week to do some EPR with Bela, taking advantage of the Bonn-St Andrews Collaborative Research Grant - welcome Tobi!

June: This month is fully packed with the first in-person conferences for a very long time!
Up front is the 10th annual CMR conference. Bela gives a talk and Laura, Katrin and Josh present posters. Josh wins a runner-up poster prize!

The coming week St Andrews hosts the 55th RSC ESR conference, organised by Janet Lovett. So great to meet almost 140 colleagues in-person, including former PhD student Maria! Laura and Katrin give talks, Josh presents a poster, and Bela is enjoying himself.

The next three weeks St Andrews is in full swing with graduations of 2022, 2021, and 2020! Also Josh and Maria are graduating - many congratulations!

Laura joins the group of Marina Bennati in Goettingen for 4 weeks on a Royal Society International Exchanges Grant - well done Laura and good luck for your measurements!

May: Ben passes his viva and thus, wraps up his project. Many thanks for your efforts.

Thank you to the generous sponsorship of the RSC and Biochemical Society for funding participation of Laura and Katrin in the RSC EPR conference next month.

April: Bela talks in the Synthesis and Chemical Biology Seminar about EPR in catalysis.

A manuscript by alumna Angeliki investigating a CoII/nitroxide complex for PELDOR and RIDME is accepted in Magnetochemistry.

March: A new paper by the Armstrong group in J. Mater. Chem. A investigating battery materials also contains some of our EPR work.

Bela virtually visits Cardiff including an invited seminar talk.

February: Sharon Ruthstein from Bar-Ilan gives a virtual EaStCHEM seminar.

January: We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022!

Bela talks about "Investigating (bio)molecular binding equilibria with pulse dipolar EPR spectroscopy” at the IVEM meeting.

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