June: The CMR hosts the 9th annual conference. Maria gives an invited talk and Josh wins the poster prize - well done!
Dr Ilya Kuprov gives a great satellite workshop on simulating the whole of magnetic resonance.
Josh's and Katrin's work on submicromolar RIDME and Cu-labelling of dHis motifs is accepted by Angewandte. Congratulations!

May: Adam finishes his project. Many thanks for your efforts and all the best.
Roman Bittl joins the Bode and Smith (Physics and Astronomy) groups for a 3 week work experience.
Roxane Baron joins us from ENSC Lille for a 3 month Erasmus placement. Welcome Roxane.
A Leverhulme Trust funded research project investigating unexpected sensitivity gains in PELDOR on multimeric membrane channels in collaboration with Christos Pliotas (now in Leeds) starts this month.

April: Maria and Bela join the 52nd RSC ESR meeting in Glasgow with a poster and a talk. Congratulations to our collaborator Claire Motion for winning the Bruker Thesis Prize and former group member Sonia Chabbra for winning the runner-up prize of the Jeol Student Lecture Competition.
Antoine joins the Bode and Watson groups for his PhD within the CRITICAT CDT Program – welcome!

March: Adam successfully introduces his project on Cu-oximes in the Honours Project Talks.
Our collaborator Haris from the Pliotas group talks about PELDOR on mechanosensors in the Friday Lunchtime Talks.

February: Cryogenics upgrade - our new cryogen-free cryostat is installed and tested.

January: Happy New Year!
Sonia passes her viva. Many congratulations Dr Chabbra.

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