Group members

All current group members are listed below.

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Dr Bela E Bode

Lecturer - PI

Bela is originally from Frankfurt am Main (Germany) where he studied chemistry as an undergraduate. For his postgraduate studies in Frankfurt he investigated quantitative aspects of pulsed dipolar EPR spectroscopy under the joint supervision of Olav Schiemann and Thomas Prisner. After a short postdoctoral stay with Thomas Prisner he moved to the Matysik group in Leiden (The Netherlands) to study optical methods in solid-state NMR spectroscopy before moving to his current position at the EaStCHEM School of Chemistry in St Andrews.

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Dr Katrin Ackermann


Katrin studied biochemistry at the University of Bayreuth and at the Goethe University of Frankfurt (Germany), where she prepared her thesis on liquid-state protein NMR. For her postgraduate studies she worked on diurnal rhythms in human post-mortem tissues at the Anatomy in Frankfurt. She continued to work in the field of human chronobiology during two postdoctoral stays at the University of Surrey (UK) and at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (NL), before joining the University of St Andrews in 2012 and starting to work with EPR. Her projects in the Bode group are centred on EPR applications for structural biology and PELDOR quality control criteria.

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Joshua Wort

Final year PhD student

Josh studied his MSci in biochemistry under Professor Chris Kay at UCL, before moving to St Andrews in 2016 to pursue a PhD in pulse EPR applications. In a nutshell Josh's PhD has involved the investigation of novel Cu-chelates for use in genetically-encoded labelling using double-histidine motifs, for use in 5-pulse RIDME.

Niti Schindler

3rd year PhD student

Niti graduated from Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany) with a B.Sc. (2015) and M.Sc. (2018) in chemistry. He did his Bachelor’s project in the group of Mike Heilemann working on single molecule FRET spectroscopy. Afterwards he joined the group of Thomas Prisner for his Master’s degree, which was focused on synthesizing and investigating multi spin model systems for EPR spectroscopy. In May 2018 he joined the Bode group to do his PhD working on extending the precision of nanometre distance measurements by pulse dipolar EPR spectroscopy.

Laura Remmel

3rd year PhD student

Laura studied Chemistry at the Goethe University in Frankfurt (Germany) from 2012-2018 and obtained her Bachelor’s as well as her Master’s degree in Chemistry. Her Bachelor’s project was focused on the synthesis of inhibitors for the amyloid-β aggregation. For the final project of her Master’s degree she investigated the structures and dynamics of small proteins by liquid state NMR. She joined the Bode group in August 2018 to do her PhD and is going to investigate biomedical applications of EPR spectroscopy.

Antoine Schuller

2nd year PhD student

Antoine graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (France) in 2018. For his master’s last year, he performed an Erasmus exchange at the University of St Andrews where he specialised in synthetic chemistry. His Honours Project was about the synthesis of a substituted dioxolanone isolated from a Chinese marine fungus.
Antoine joined the CRITICAT CDT Program in September 2018. After the initial 6-month training period he joined the Bode and the Watson groups in spring 2019 for a joint PhD project involving copper catalysis and EPR spectroscopy within the CRITICAT programme.

Edoardo Fusco

1st year PhD student

Edoardo graduated from the Univeristà degli studi di Torino (Italy) with a bachelor degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies (2018) and a master degree in Chemistry (2020). His final project, under the supervision of Prof. Mario Chiesa and Dr. Enrico Salvadori, dealt with solid state EPR spectroscopy, studying the long range spatial distribution of active sites inside the ZSM-5 zeolite. He joined the Bode group at the end of October 2020 to start his PhD concerning the rational design and optimization of molecular qubits by means of EPR spectroscopy.


Dr Maria Oranges - PhD student 2016-2020
Viktorija Stikonaite - Honours project student 2019-2020
Roxane Baron - Summer 2019 Erasmus Exchange ENSC Lille
Roman Bittl - work experience spring 2019
Adam Chapman - Honours project student 2018-2019
Dr Sonia Chabbra - PhD student 2014-2018
Renée Chan - Nuffield Research Placement - summer 2018
Lewis McLean - Honours project student 2017-2018
Ben Hoffmann - MChem student from Leipzig, Germany 2018
Clémence Devallière - Summer ERASMUS Placement ENSCL Lille - summer 2017
Tobias Gartner - Nuffield Research Placement - summer 2017
Chris Wong - Honours project student 2016-2017
Jennifer Dobson - Honours project student 2016-2017
Dr Angeliki Giannoulis - PhD student 2012-2016
Toni Clenaghan - Nuffield Research Placement - summer 2016
Dr Silvia Valera - PhD student 2012-2016
Josh Ward - Honours project student 2015-2016
James Moses - Honours project student 2015-2016
Katrin Eckhardt - MChem student from Leipzig, Germany 2016
John Mason - Postgraduate research student 2015
Catherine Higgins - Honours project student 2014-2015
William Naismith - Nuffield Research Placement and CREST Gold Award - summer 2014
Ashleigh Lockett - Honours project student 2013-2014