Available positions

We are always welcoming enquiries of motivated students and graduates in chemistry and related fields wishing to explore their ideas in the Bode EPR lab. While EPR spectroscopy is central in most of our research current projects interface the organic and inorganic synthesis, EPR method development, applications from structural biology to chemistry and numerical simulations of EPR data.

We are always welcoming applications from highly motivated and talented applicants. For more details see description on FindAPhD.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in any field related to our research activities we would encourage you to get in contact.

We will always consider highly motivated individuals who are interested in contributing to our research. We typically have a variety of projects from synthesis of calibration compounds to biological applications of EPR and EPR methodology. Those interested can contact us directly for information on summer internships or honours projects.

Newly available postdoc positions will always be advertised through St Andrews' vacancies.

If you have your own research project in mind that could fit in the group and benefit from our infrastructure and expertise we will be happy to hear from you. A number of prestigious individual fellowships is available and help in developing an application could be provided.

Funders include: