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December: A very Merry Xmas everyone. If you are looking for a PhD position to apply for over the break, there might be something here.
At St Andrews School of Chemistry Postgraduate Symposium Maria and Josh give talks while Antoine, Katrin, Laura and Niti present posters.
We kick off celebrations with a group Xmas dinner and numerous rounds of career poker.

November: Antoine, Josh, Katrin, Laura, Maria and Niti join the EFEPR School in Brno bringing posters and making sure St Andrews is the strongest faction.

October: Bela gives a talk at the UniSysCat colloquium in Berlin.
Very happy that our work with the Pliotas group on PELDOR to study mechanosensitive channels has been accepted by Nature Communications.
Viktorija joins the group for her honours project. Welcome Viktorija.

September: Bela gives a talk at the EFEPR 2019 in Bratislava about the PhD work of alumna Sonia Chabbra.
A book chapter about EPR in Bioanalysis is by Bela and our collaborator David Norman is published.

August: Antoine sets up cw EPR in continuous flow.
Niti wins the internal putting championship just one point ahead of Roxane!
Roxane finished her project - thank you for all the hard work.
Bela gives a talk at the EUROISMAR 2019 in Berlin about the recent Angewandte paper on Cu-His RIDME.

July: Katrin and Bela meet alumna Angeliki in Athens. A spell of warm weather makes the long St Andrews evenings even more pleasant.

June: Sonia graduates with a PhD and former project students Lewis McLean and Adam Chapman with MChem degrees. Well done everyone.
The CMR hosts the 9th annual conference. Maria gives an invited talk and Josh wins the poster prize - well done!
Dr Ilya Kuprov gives a great satellite workshop on simulating the whole of magnetic resonance.
Josh's and Katrin's work on submicromolar RIDME and Cu-labelling of dHis motifs is accepted by Angewandte. Congratulations!

May: Adam finishes his project. Many thanks for your efforts and all the best.
Roman Bittl joins the Bode and Smith (Physics and Astronomy) groups for a 3 week work experience.
Roxane Baron joins us from ENSC Lille for a 3 month Erasmus placement. Welcome Roxane.
A Leverhulme Trust funded research project investigating unexpected sensitivity gains in PELDOR on multimeric membrane channels in collaboration with Christos Pliotas (now in Leeds) starts this month.

April: Maria and Bela join the 52nd RSC ESR meeting in Glasgow with a poster and a talk. Congratulations to our collaborator Claire Motion for winning the Bruker Thesis Prize and former group member Sonia Chabbra for winning the runner-up prize of the Jeol Student Lecture Competition.
Antoine joins the Bode and Watson groups for his PhD within the CRITICAT CDT Program – welcome!

March: Adam successfully introduces his project on Cu-oximes in the Honours Project Talks.
Our collaborator Haris from the Pliotas group talks about PELDOR on mechanosensors in the Friday Lunchtime Talks.

February: Cryogenics upgrade - our new cryogen-free cryostat is installed and tested.

January: Happy New Year!
Sonia passes her viva. Many congratulations Dr Chabbra.


December: Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
The Bruker Santa returns to bring us an AWG and DICE box. Sledges queuing as the Cryogenics Santa brings a cryogen-free cryostat!

November: The festive period starts early with Bruker installing our EMX digital upgrade!
After four years in the Bode group Sonia hands in her PhD thesis - well done and farewell, Sonia!

October: Nobel laureate Sir Fraser Stoddart visits the department and gives an inspiring Irvine memorial lecture as well as sharing some strong views on Brexit!

September: A paper by the Watson group with some EPR contribution by Sonia is accepted by ACS Catalysis. Congratulations everyone.
Adam joins the group for his honours project. Welcome Adam.

August: A new PhD student joins the group - welcome, Laura!
The Schiemann group comes to St Andrews for a joint group retreat with the Bode group. In addition to talks from the group members we enjoy some leisure time on "The Himalayas" putting green and watching seals at Tentsmuir beach.
Antoine Schuller who will start a Criticat PhD this year joins us for the rest of the summer to learn more about EPR - welcome!

July: Sonia talks at the Rocky Mountain Conference in Utah.
Renée Chan joins us for a four week Nuffield placement - welcome to the group.

June: The 8th Annual Meeting of the St Andrews Centre of Magnetic Resonance takes place with inspiring lectures on NMR, EPR, computation and imaging. Sonia wins one of two poster prizes. Congratulations!
Maria and Bela spend time in Thomas Prisner's lab in Frankfurt to do some pulse EPR at 260 GHz.

May: Professor Daniella Goldfarb visits St Andrews and gives an inspiring lecture on in-cell EPR.
Sonia wins a student travel award sponsored by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory to attend the 59th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Snowbird, Utah - well done!
A new PhD student from the Prisner group in Frankfurt joins the group - welcome, Niti!

April: Sonia's paper on the separation of spectra and determination of spin-state in mixtures of paramagnets is accepted by Dalton Transaction. Congratulations.
Maria, Josh, Katrin and Bela attend the 51st Annual International Meeting of the RSC ESR Spectroscopy Group in London. A great week of Science!
Bela hosts a seminar with Professor Enrica Bordignon who gives a great talk about EPR to detect conformational changes and dynamics in proteins.
Maria wins a travel grant from the Faraday Division of the RSC to go to the EPR summer school in Marseille - well done!
Sonia wins a Santander - St Leonard’s College Research Mobility Scholarship to attend the 59th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Snowbird, Utah - well done and enjoy the conference!

March: The BBSRC equipment bid by a large St Andrews/Dundee consortium was just funded. Hooray!
Benjamin Hoffmann from Leipzig starts an undergraduate project on phenolic Cu-oxim complexes.
Angeliki's and Katrin's complex stability by PELDOR paper in collaboration with the Prisner group is accepted by PCCP - well done!
Sonia and Bela visit Oxford for a Humboldt Colloquium.

February: A project headed by Phil Lightfoot looking into new battery materials also using EPR has just been awarded funding by EPSRC.

January: Happy New Year!
Angeliki's and Maria's high field RIDME paper and Katrin's New View on multimers and multimerisation are both published online today, keep up the good work!


December: Merry Christmas.
Angeliki's and Maria's orientation selective RIDME paper putting H!PER to good use is accepted by PCCP.
Bela's and Katrin's paper on pulse EPR distance measurements to study multimers and multimerisation has been accepted for publication by Molecular Physics.

November: Tomas Lebl and the Westwood group publish their study on the fractionation and DOSY NMR of lignin and Katrin could add some cw EPR to back up that high molecular weight fractions seem more radical...

October: Attention, attention: The group advertises two competitive studentships within the eastbio DTP for four year fully funded PhD projects. We lead a project with Graham Smith from physics looking to apply kilowatt EPR at 95 GHz to structural biology. Carlos Penedo leads a project into helicase mechanisms we are involved in. Spread the word, please.
Bela gives a talk at the Birthday-Symposium of Prof. Thomas Prisner in Frankfurt who turned 60 this year. Happy Birthday Thomas!

September: Lewis joins the group for his honours project, welcome on board!
Katrin's and Silvia's paper on Sparse labeling PELDOR spectroscopy on multimeric mechanosensitive membrane channels has been accepted by the Biophysical Journal, keep up the good work!

August: Clemence and Tobias finish their projects, well done and all the best!
The whole group gears up for USIC 2017 with Sonia as conference chair!

July: Tobias Gartner joins the group for a four-week Nuffield programme. Welcome!

June: We just won funding from the Carnegie Trust for the characterisation of a riboswitch.
Bela joins the Schiemann group (University of Bonn, Germany) on their annual retreat to hold an invited seminar in the Austrian Alps.
Angeliki's and Maria's manuscript on 'Monitoring Complex Formation by Relaxation-Induced Pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Distance Measurements' has been accepted for publication in ChemPhysChem. Keep up the good work!
The St Andrews CMR has a great annual meeting, where Sonia gives a talk on her PhD project and Josh wins the first poster prize.

May: Clemence joins the group for an Erasmus placement from Lille. Welcome to the group!
A tasty group BBQ with sunny weather kicks of an early spell of summer.

April: Chris and Jennifer finish their projects and pass their vivas. Many thanks for your efforts and all the best!
Bela gives a talk at the 50th Annual International Meeting of the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry in Oxford.
Katrin successfully completes the Passport to Research Futures and obtains the ILM Research Staff Development Award.

March: Chris and Jennifer successfully present their projects in the bio/organic and inorganic sections, respectively. Sandra from Tracey Gloster's group and Matthew from Christos Pliotas' group present EPR application projects we are collaborating on.

February: Prof. Chris Kay visits Dundee for a viva and gives an excellent seminar in St Andrews.
John rejoins the group. Welcome back!

January: Happy New Year!
Everyone enjoys a short break from teaching.
The BSRC Burns supper is a great success as every year!


December: The year winding down after a busy exam season - Happy Holidays!

November: Bela gives a talk at the MDR-38 in Leipzig (Germany).
Angeliki passes her viva - congratulations, Dr. Giannoulis! We all wish you all the best.
We are having our first Group Retreat and enjoy great EPR sessions and a relaxing afternoon walk at the beautiful beach in Elie.

October: A busy month of teaching and measuring.

September: Four new group members. Josh and Maria are starting their PhD projects while Chris and Jennifer join for their final year projects.
Katrin, Sonia and Bela visit the EFEPR conference in Torino, Italy. Sonia and Katrin present posters while Bela has a talk.

August: Angeliki joins the Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium 2016 in Irkutsk, Russia, and gives a talk.
Toni finishes her Nuffield Placement project, many thanks and all the best.
Sonia, Katrin and Bela go for the annual BSRC retreat on the banks of Loch Tay. Sonia gives a short talk and everyone enjoys the marvellous weather in the Highlands.
Sonia and Angeliki attend the USIC 2016 in Glasgow, where Sonia presents a poster and Angeliki gives a talk.

July: Silvia passes her viva - congratulations, Dr. Valera, all the best.
Toni joins the group for a 4-week Nuffield research placement on free radicals and antioxidants in groceries.

June: The sixth Annual Meeting of the St. Andrews Centre of Magnetic Resonance takes place. Angeliki, Sonia, Katrin and Bela present posters
Bela presents an invited talk at the 4th Awaji International Workshop on Electron Spin Science & Technology: Biological and Materials Science Oriented Applications in Japan.

May: Bela goes to Iceland as Honourable opponent (external examiner) for a public PhD defence of the Sigurdsson lab.
James and Josh both pass their vivas and finish their projects – Thank you for your efforts and all the best.

April: Sonia and Bela attend the 49th conference of the RSC ESR spectroscopy group, where Sonia presents a poster and Bela gives a talk. Bela is now a member of the committee of the group for the next three years.

March: A paper by the Woollins group containing some of our EPR spectra has just been accepted by Dalton Trans.
Bela and Angeliki participate in the iMR CDT meeting in Southampton, where Angeliki gives a talk and Bela enjoys the proximity of Marwell Hotel and Zoo watching the Wallabies making the best of a sunny afternoon.

February: Silvia's paper on true distance distributions in multimers has just been accepted for publication by Chemistry - A European Journal.
Katrin Eckhardt, a chemistry master student from the University Leipzig (Germany) joins the group for a four-week project on CW EPR for metal-binding nucleic acids.

January: Happy New Year!
Bela goes to Lille (France) to deliver an EPR lecture to students of the University of Lille and to meet EPR, solid-state NMR and Bio-NMR groups within ERASMUS+ programme between Universities of St Andrews and Lille.
A review on The Solid-State Photo-CIDNP Effect is published.


December: The Old Year winds down as we enter the Festive Season. Wishing you all a healthy and successful 2016. Merry Christmas.
Katrin, John and Bela join the MMWave group of Graham Smith and the Keeble lab for their Xmas night out. Laser-tagging before dinner settled the scores and EPR beats radar (big time!). Who would have thought?

November: We are advertising a number of PhD opportunities within the Eastbio DTP, the Criticat CDT and EaStCHEM.

October: A paper by the Penedo lab on binding dynamics of a protein to DNA with some EPR input from us has just been accepted in Nucleic Acids Res.

September: John joins the group for his PhD and James and Josh join for their chemistry honours projects.
Bela participates in the Hyperpolarised Magnetic Resonance Conference (5th international DNP Symposium and COST action EUROHyperPOL final meeting) in Egmond aan Zee and chairs the COST workgroup ‘Chemistry-Physics Interface’.
He also speaks at the GDCh FGMR 37th Annual Meeting in Darmstadt (Germany).
A paper by the Lightfoot lab with some EPR input from us has just been accepted by Chem. Commun.

August: Angeliki spends her placement at the Prisner lab in Frankfurt with funding from the DAAD - well done and all the best.

July: Bela and Katrin present posters at the EUROMAR in Prague.

June: A CIDNP paper by the Matysik and Alia labs with some input by Bela has just been accepted by JPCB.
Silvia puts a hexaphenol in the Molbank. Maybe it generates some interest.
A paper on a molybdenum heterospin (S1 = S2 = 1/2) radical-ion salt by researchers from the Novosibirsk branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (et al.) with some input from St Andrews has just been accepted in Inorg. Chem.
We have just won an EPSRC grant (1st grant) for methodology on pulse EPR distance measurements.
The Fifth Annual Meeting of the St. Andrews Centre of Magnetic Resonance takes place. Angeliki has a talk, while Silvia, Katrin and Bela present posters.

May: Angeliki's placement in Frankfurt is funded jointly by the DAAD and the iMR CDT - well done.
A paper by Alessandro Turrina in Paul Wright's group including some of our EPR work has been accepted by Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.
We have our first group outing – Bela takes his group for a day out to the Scottish Deer Centre (yes, EPR people may smile here…).

April: Angeliki and Bela talk at the 48th RSC ESR meeting.
Catherine passes her viva and finishes her project – well done and all the best.

March: A mini-review on hyperpolarised NMR spectroscopy by Bela and Joerg Matysik is published in the monthly journal of the society of German chemists (GDCh).
We have won a Royal Society research grant for the characterisation of metal-nitroxide complexes by pulse EPR.

February: The group moves to the next level: Angeliki, Silvia, Sonia, Catherine and Katrin get their own write-up office on level 2 of the Chemistry building.
Silvia got COST funding to go to Iceland for her placement at the Sigurdsson lab. Well done and all the best.

January: Katrin's and Angeliki's paper on quantifying dimerisation via PELDOR has been accepted by Chem. Commun. Well done.
Happy New Year.


December: Our application to the Carnegie Trust 'Limitations of Tikhonov regularisation in analysis of pulse EPR distance measurements' based on Katrin's initial work has been successful. Merry Christmas.

November: Sonia joins the group for her PhD project on homogeneous catalysis. Welcome Sonia. Silvia's review on yardsticks and abaci is accepted for the Molecules special issue 'Free Radicals and Radical Ions'.

October: Catherine's first crystal structure - keep up the good work.

September: The group goes to Marseille for the IXth EFEPR meeting. Angeliki, Katrin and Silvia present posters while Bela has a talk. Catherine joins for her honours project. Welcome Catherine.

August: Silvia's paper on the synthesis of her polynitroxides is accepted in JOC. William finishes his project - many thanks and all the best. Phil Kerry's PELDOR paper on the dimerisation of individual domains of the NS1 protein of Influenza A is accepted in JPCB.

July: Bela goes to Zürich for the COST TD1103 annual meeting acting as WG 5 organiser and for a talk at Euromar2014. William joins the group for his Nuffield research placement.

June: The 4th Annual CMR Meeting takes place with a talk given by Silvia and posters by Angeliki, Katrin and Bela.

May: Ashleigh has finished her project - thanks for your efforts and all the best.

April: The group goes to Dundee for the 47th RSC ESR group meeting. Katrin and Bela have talks while Silvia and Angeliki have posters. Angeliki's poster is highlighted in talks from the Berlin and Antwerp groups. Ashleigh passes her project viva, well done.

February: Hassane El Mkami demonstrates a sensitivity increase by more than an order of magnitude of Physics' new 150W Q-band vs the kW X-band...

January: Happy New Year. Website makeover. Katrin joins the group. Welcome Katrin.


December: The Bruker Santa delivers the high power Q-band kit to physics. Merry Christmas.

November: Bela becomes co-coordinator of workgroup 5 of the COST hyperpolarisation network.

October: Bela becomes deputy director of the CMR.

September: Ashleigh joins the group for her honours project. Welcome Ashleigh.

July: Fergus Knight's paper including sulfur and selenium centred radicals and some of our EPR work has been accepted.

June: The 3rd Annual CMR Meeting takes place with posters by Angeliki, Silvia and Bela. Bela also talks at the Bonn-St Andrews meeting "Chemistry at Spin Centres". The group goes to Crete for the COST hyperpolarisation network meeting and Euromar 2013. Angeliki has a poster at Euromar and a Euromar student grant. Silvia has posters at both meetings and a COST bursary. Bela co-organises the COST meeting and has an invited talk at Euromar.

April: Our paper PELDOR in rotationally symmetric homo-oligomers has just been accepted for publication in the Molecular Physics special issue "Modern EPR".

March: A first version of this website goes online.