May Professor Daniella Goldfarb visits St Andrews and gives an inspiring lecture on in-cell EPR.

April: Sonia's paper on the separation of spectra and determination of spin-state in mixtures of paramagnets is accepted by Dalton Transaction. Congratulations.
Maria, Josh, Katrin and Bela attend the 51st Annual International Meeting of the RSC ESR Spectroscopy Group in London. A great week of Science!
Bela hosts a seminar with Professor Enrica Bordignon who gives a great talk about EPR to detect conformational changes and dynamics in proteins.
Maria wins a travel grant from the Faraday Division of the RSC to go to the EPR summer school in Marseille - well done!
Sonia wins a Santander - St Leonard’s College Research Mobility Scholarship to attend the 59th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Snowbird, Utah - well done and enjoy the conference!

March: The BBSRC equipment bid by a large St Andrews/Dundee consortium was just funded. Hooray!
Benjamin Hoffmann from Leipzig starts an undergraduate project on phenolic Cu-oxim complexes.
Angeliki's and Katrin's complex stability by PELDOR paper in collaboration with the Prisner group is accepted by PCCP - well done!
Sonia and Bela visit Oxford for a Humboldt Colloquium.

February: A project headed by Phil Lightfoot looking into new battery materials also using EPR has just been awarded funding by EPSRC.

January: Happy New Year!
Angeliki's and Maria's high field RIDME paper and Katrin's New View on multimers and multimerisation are both published online today, keep up the good work!

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