November: Tomas Lebl and the Westwood group publish their study on the fractionation and DOSY NMR of lignin and Katrin could add some cw EPR to back up that high molecular weight fractions seem more radical...

October: Attention, attention: The group advertises two competitive studentships within the eastbio DTP for four year fully funded PhD projects. We lead a project with Graham Smith from physics looking to apply kilowatt EPR at 95 GHz to structural biology. Carlos Penedo leads a project into helicase mechanisms we are involved in. Spread the word, please.
Bela gives a talk at the Birthday-Symposium of Prof. Thomas Prisner in Frankfurt who turned 60 this year. Happy Birthday Thomas!

September: Lewis joins the group for his honours project, welcome on board!
Katrin's and Silvia's paper on Sparse labeling PELDOR spectroscopy on multimeric mechanosensitive membrane channels has been accepted by the Biophysical Journal, keep up the good work!

August: Clemence and Tobias finish their projects, well done and all the best!
The whole group gears up for USIC 2017 with Sonia as conference chair!

July: Tobias Gartner joins the group for a four-week Nuffield programme. Welcome!

June: We just won funding from the Carnegie Trust for the characterisation of a riboswitch.
Bela joins the Schiemann group (University of Bonn, Germany) on their annual retreat to hold an invited seminar in the Austrian Alps.
Angeliki's and Maria's manuscript on 'Monitoring Complex Formation by Relaxation-Induced Pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Distance Measurements' has been accepted for publication in ChemPhysChem. Keep up the good work!
The St Andrews CMR has a great annual meeting, where Sonia gives a talk on her PhD project and Josh wins the first poster prize.

May: Clemence joins the group for an Erasmus placement from Lille. Welcome to the group!
A tasty group BBQ with sunny weather kicks of an early spell of summer.

April: Chris and Jennifer finish their projects and pass their vivas. Many thanks for your efforts and all the best!
Bela gives a talk at the 50th Annual International Meeting of the ESR Spectroscopy Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry in Oxford.
Katrin successfully completes the Passport to Research Futures and obtains the ILM Research Staff Development Award.

March: Chris and Jennifer successfully present their projects in the bio/organic and inorganic sections, respectively. Sandra from Tracey Gloster's group and Matthew from Christos Pliotas' group present EPR application projects we are collaborating on.

February: Prof. Chris Kay visits Dundee for a viva and gives an excellent seminar in St Andrews.
John rejoins the group. Welcome back!

January: Happy New Year!
Everyone enjoys a short break from teaching.
The BSRC Burns supper is a great success as every year!

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