Upcoming Conferences

This September is going to be a busy time for our group as we move towards two major conferences in our fields.


First of all, our zeolite researchers will be travelling to Leipzig, hometown of famed composer, Johann Sebastian Bach,  on the 8th of September for the International FEZA Conference 2014 which will deal with the latest research in the synthesis, characterisation and application of zeolites. Professor Russell Morris, Doctors Paul Wheatley, Marta Navarro-Rojas and PhD students Daniel Firth and Samuel Morris will be there to show their latest work and attend the lectures.Joining them will be Giulia Bignami who is a joint PhD student with Professor Sharon Ashbrook who will be showing her work on characterisation of zeolites. This will be followed by a post-conference workshop from the 12th of September in Třešt.


Then from the 24th of September, the metal-organic frameworks portion of the group will travel to Japan, first for the Young Investigators Conference  in Kyoto and the pre-conference in Osaka followed by the MOF 2014 Conference in Kobe, Japan, where Professor Morris will be joined by Doctor Laura McCormick and PhD students Damiano Cattaneo, Matthew McPherson and Katarzyna Mocniak. Dr. McCormick will be giving a talk at the pre-conference in Kyoto and Damiano will be giving a talk in Kobe .The other group members will present posters at the Kobe conference.



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