University of St Andrews, Chemistry dept.

Congratulations Dr Healy

18th Dec, 2014

Congratulations to Dr Alan Healy who will take up a position as a postdoctoral associate with Prof. Seth Herzon and Prof. Jason Crawford at the University of Yale (Connecticut, USA) in 2015. His research will be focused on the synthesis, optimisation and biological evaluation of a novel anticancer natural product.

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Congratulations to Chris, Stephen and Fanny on their latest paper in Angewandte.

07th Nov, 2014

You should be able to access this paper with the following link

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Chairperson of the RSC’s Awards Working Group

17th Sep, 2014

Nick has recently been appointed to Chairperson of the RSC’s Awards Working Group – the group that oversees the awarding of all the RSC awards and prizes. Nick is very honoured to take up this challenging position.

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Welcome to the Westwood Research Group.

We are based in the School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews and are part of the Biomedical Sciences Research Complex.

Our research interests include Chemical Biology and Natural Product Synthesis.