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Prof J. Derek Woollins

Vice Principal (Research) and Provost, Professor of Synthetic Chemistry

Professor Woollins currently holds the position of Vice Principal (Research) and Provost of St Leonards College at the University of St Andrews where he is a Professor of Synthetic Chemistry

College Gate Office Tel: 01334 463202

Research Office: Purdie Building, Room 427 Tel: 01334 463861


Research Activity


Chemical Sciences; Crystallography; Inorganic Chemistry; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Infrared spectroscopy; Metal complex; Organic reagent; Sulfur nitrogen; Phosphorus sulfur; Raman spectroscopy; Organophosphorus sulfide; Synthetic inorganic

Research Overview/Interests

My major interests are in the synthesis and study of main group sulfur and phosphorus heterocycles. Sulfur nitrogen [NS] and phosphorus sulfur [PS] compounds are under investigation with particular interest in the preparation of materials with interesting electrical properties and new organic reagents.

Structural investigations are carried out using X-ray crystallography, infrared/Raman and multielement nuclear magnetic resonance [NMR].

Currently, my work is particularly concerned with the preparation of metal complexes containing simple NS and PS ligands, and in the synthesis of simple organophosphorus sulfides.

School of Chemistry - Purdie Building - North Haugh - St Andrews - Fife - Scotland - KY16 9ST - Tel. 01334 463800

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