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Prof Alexandra M Z Slawin

Director of the Molecular Structure Laboratory

Professor of Chemical Crystallography

Professor of Chemical Crystallography and Director of the Molecular Structure Laboratory at St Andrews and the University's first female Chemistry Professor.

"A University of St Andrews scientist has been awarded just under £ million to boost the School of Chemistry's research and teaching capabilities. Professor Alexandra Slawin has been awarded £808,000 by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [EPSRC]."

"Currently, the X-ray labs in the School of Chemistry are amongst the world's most well equipped as a consequence of previous grant successes but these new developments will place St Andrews at the absolute forefront in research".


Research Activity



Research Overview/Interests

My research is primarily concerned with structure determination and its application to chemistry.

Highlights include significant papers on the structures of so-called 'supramolecular' systems such as catenanes and rotaxanes which illustrate the importance of 'secondary' interactions in determining conformation and macroscopic properties.

I have also maintained a significant interest in inorganic structure determination including coordination polymers and main group rings and cages.

Although all of the work is of a collaborative nature the X-ray work reported throughout my publications has all been carried out by me personally.

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