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Photos from the Smith Group

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Abbotsford House - June 2016

(Back to front, left to right)
Stéphanie Spoehrle, Diego Barrios, Susana Estopina (James Taylor Group), Rachael Pittaway (Matt Clarke Group), Leo Iu (Matt Clarke Group), Nassilia Attaba
Liz Munday, Stefania Musolino, Jude Arokianathar

Skiing at Glenshee - February 2014

(Left to right)
Tom West, Danai Gkotsi (Rebecca Goss Group), Alyn Davies, Angeliki Giannoulis (Bela Bode Group), Silvia Valera (Bela Bode Group), Ross Chisholm, Kevin Kasten

Movember 2013

During November 2013, the male members of the Smith group made valliant attempts at growing moustaches, the results of which can be seen here. Between them, and with fantastic support from the girls, the group managed to raise £1713 for men's health charities.

Group Photo - October 2013

(Back to front, left to right)
Diego Barrios Antunez, Dan Stark, Tom West, Ed Richmond, Andy Smith, Kevin Kasten, David Daniels
Charlene Fallan, Pei-Pei Yeh, Louis Morrill, Alyn Davies, Claire Young, Siobhan Smith, Nassilia Attaba, Ross Chisholm, Emily Robinson, James Taylor

Postgraduate Ball - November 2012

(Back to front, left to right)
Louis Morrill, Ross Chisholm, Dan Stark, Nassilia Attaba
Angeliki Giannoulis (Bela Bode Group), Agathe D'Hollander, Dorine Belmessieri

Group Photo - November 2012

(Back to front, left to right)
Kevin Kasten, Tom West, Alyn Davies, Andy Smith, David Daniels, Chris Collett, Ed Richmond, Dan Stark
Alix De La Houpliere, James Taylor, Louis Morrill, Nassilia Attaba, Ross Chisholm, Siobhan Smith
Pei-Pei Yeh, Eoin Gould, Dorine Belmessieri, Charlene Fallan, Emily Robinson

Cancer Research Football Tournament - July 2012

(Left to right)
Eoin Gould, Hughes Prevet, Ed Richmond, Louis Morrill, Stuart Leckie, Chris Collett

Andy's Birthday - December 2011

(Back to front, left to right)
Andy Smith
Siobhan Smith, Alix De La Houpliere, Caroline Jones, Emily Robinson, Ed Richmond, Dorine Belmessieri
Pei-Pei Yeh, Carmen Simal Fernandez, James Douglas, Jim Squires, Alyn Davies
Stuart Leckie, Louis Morrill

Group Photo - October 2011

(Back to front, left to right)
Stuart Leckie, Ed Richmond, Jim Squires, Andy Smith, James Douglas, Alyn Davies, Louis Morrill, Chris Collett, Alix De La Houpliere
Dorine Belmessieri, Carmen Simal Fernandez, Pei-Pei Yeh, Siobhan Smith, Caroline Jones, Lyndsay Ledingham, Emily Robinson

Group Photo - January 2010

(Back to front, left to right)
Stuart Leckie, Phil Woods, Andy Smith, James Douglas, Kenny Ling, Chris Collett, Ed Richmond
Louis Morrill, Eoin Gould, Caro Joannesse, Dorine Belmessieri, Louis Manton, Craig Campbell