Fluorine - Academia Meets Industry
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Bringing the International Fluorine Community Together

Welcome to the Fluorine - Academia Meets Industry Conference.

This conference combines the 14th Annual RSC Fluorine Group Postgraduate meeting with two further days of presentations by invited international speakers from academia and industry for the Fluorine - Academia Meets Industry meeting.

Here you will find all the information for the upcoming meetings, which will be held at the North Haugh, University of St Andrews from Wednesday 2nd July to Friday 4th July 2014.

If you require any further information, please contact the conference organisers directly (Prof. David O’Hagan and Dr Neil Keddie)

“Fluorine leaves nobody indifferent; it inflames emotions be that affections or aversions. As a substituent, it is rarely boring, always good for a surprise, but often completely unpredictable.”
                  – M. Schlosser (1934-2013)

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Registration is now closed, but we may still accept late registrations up to Monday 2nd June. Please contact the organisers asap.


You can follow both meetings on Twitter for updates @FluorineAMI